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 Movie/photo/Comic competition

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PostSubject: Movie/photo/Comic competition   Sat Jan 26, 2008 6:50 pm

You can win a prize for just making a movie or a cool edit! All you have to do is submit it!

~no more than 2 entries
~No fishing (posting to get votes)
~Be fair amd DONT tell who you voted for
~photoes are only done on paint or any other CLOSE related program

~must be CP related
~videos NO longer than 3 minutes
~No teams
~Photoes must fit in a PM
~We will accept comics!

How to
1. Make a video with fraps or any other video site or make a cool edit
2. You must submit by Feburary 5th.
3. Submit your photoes/videos to asimo through PM
4. If appropreit you will be in the competition
5. People on forums will vote through poll on the best one

1st place-800coins on forum/ If you want give admin CP pass/username and they will gt you 5,000coins on game

If you have ANY questions Please PM asimo

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Movie/photo/Comic competition
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