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 newsletter 10/30/07

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PostSubject: newsletter 10/30/07   Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:37 pm

****The Robopenguin Newsletter****
The safe newsletter right from the forum administrator!

This is our first newsletter. This may be the first newsletter ever for a forum!! In here you will find some jokes, riddles, advice, news and more! There will be a new newsletter every two weeks! If you would like to submit a joke, riddle or something else please pm the site admin Asimo. Hope you enjoy!

This site is really new so we will have lots of new stuff. One thing that’s new is that we have a newsletter now! Here is a list of other new stuff.
We now have a new game every week!
We made some new forums
We have robopenguin of the month!

For the past two weeks we have gotten 7 members!


Dear Asimo,
I really want to become an admin but I don’t know how! How can I become one?

Dear anonymous,
I think everyone wants to become an admin but if the whole site was admins it wouldn’t be a real forum! Actually every now and then we’ll ask for some more admins or mods depending on the amount of members. Just keep your eye out for openings
Also when you want to become an admin or mod when there are openings we’ll have you take a test. If you get an 85% or higher than you can become one.

Club penguins CEO/ founders!
I found on google a picture of club penguins CEO/ founders. They took the picture when Disney bought club penguin. Heres the picture…

yep that’s them. I just happened to find it when I was on google looking at club penguin pictures!
Here are some upcoming events that are happening on the forum and club penguin
-Halloween is October 31st
-we have a new backround that will go away November 1st
-during November 1st the Halloween party will end on club penguin
-November 3rd is Asimo’s party. View meetings and parties on the forum for more info

-Want to make your own free forum!?!? Then go to the portal and look for Make your own free forum!
-Want to have a membership. Then go to and go to membership.

The next newsletter will be on November 10th
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newsletter 10/30/07
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